Tynatech Helps to Monitor Health using LORAWAN

If Wealth is lost, nothing is lost; If health is lost, everything is lost.


3/6/20233 min read


The above quote shows the significance of health sector in the daily life. The advancements in this sector are seen to be comparatively high with other sectors. The growth of the sector is due to the demanding need of the advancements to serve better. The healthcare infrastructure stays in the competitive phase between countries as the sector has the potential researchers in every corner of the world. A continuous data monitoring is done digitally to collect a wide range of dataset to automate the working mechanism. The Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) brought a hike in the sector but demands a proper dataset from user. The Wireless Sensor Network is a solution technology provided to collect data in an efficient way. The different communication systems are available. The Bluetooth, BLE, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, LoRa has their own standards. The capabilities and shortages in the self, made them application specific.

The open LPWA standards of LoraWAN and 3GPP (LTE Cat M1 and Cat NB1) provide a solution that supports these barriers to IoT connectivity. That’s why Tynatech has the advantage of integrating a Lora Watch for this critical purpose.

Humans can never afford to ignore their health. A better lesson has been taught by this pandemic regarding the healthcare sector. It showed both the potential of the healthcare sector as well as the demanding improvements in the field. This gained the attention of many researchers. We found LoRa to be the efficient way to send data for long ranges without the physical interference.

Health Monitoring

Tynatech develops the solution to this problem by using the LORAWAN networks. The patient is provided with a Smart watch which can do comprehensive vital signs monitoring which includes static and dynamic heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) via Photoplethysmography, body temperature, heart rate variability (HRV) at a 25Hz sampling rate, and even blood pressure monitoring. Additional features like sleep monitoring, stress level assessment, fatigue monitoring, and a pedometer function can also be integrated.

Safety Features

The SOS function, triggered by a long press of a physical key on the smart watch, broadcasts an emergency signal to the base station, ensuring timely assistance in critical situations.

Alerting & reporting Mechanism

The Data from each unique patient is transmitted using LORAWAN networks which is known for its low power consumption, longer ranges, location based services in addition to many more features. This data can be transmitted either using cloud or using TYNAMATE Server which can show the vitals to the doctors at their monitoring room. If the data is pushed to the cloud, the doctors and staff can also visualise the same on their mobile phones. SOS alerts can also be programmed as per the choice of hospital staff.


The various communication technologies existing on various health domain is reviewed and the LORAWAN is found to be a better device for the targeted group monitoring. The results of using LoRa in the remote monitoring and for the specific purpose is appreciable. The early prediction of heart attack and other deadly diseases with the dataset developed by testing on thousands of people would help in achieving the further goal. The system to ensure the health of heart from a remote distance and to analyze the data with enhanced techniques to ensure the good health of the human is a demanding need and we are confident that Tynatech is able to provide the same to the world.

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